A DUI Suspect Tries to Claim His Dog Was the One Driving

| June 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

A 56-year-old guy named Scott Garrett recently got pulled over near Port St. Lucie, Florida after cops saw him swerving all over the road.
They smelled alcohol on his breath. And he was also slurring his words . . . had bloodshot eyes . . . couldn’t walk straight . . . and there was an open bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum on the passenger seat.

So, case closed, right?

Well, when they asked him to take a sobriety test, he tried the whole “one of my relatives is a cop” thing. Which didn’t work.
He also asked if they’d just give him a ride home, and they said no. Obviously.
So then he got creative. He started talking about his dog that was apparently still sitting in the car . . . and claimed the DOG was driving, not him.
He eventually took a breathalyzer and was three times the legal limit. It’s his fourth DUI. He’s due in court next month.

Check his mugshot and the rest of the story [here]


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