A Delta Passenger Threw Coffee, Overturned a Drink Cart, and Assaulted an Air Marshal

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A 45-year-old woman named Sarah Beach was on a Delta flight from London to Salt Lake City on Thursday.  She’s an American who’s been living in England.

And while they were over the ocean, she started SPRINTING up and down the aisle . . . threw a cup of coffee on half-a-dozen passengers . . . and overturned a drink cart.


It’s not clear what prompted it.  Maybe she’s just afraid of flying and panicked.  But luckily there were two air marshals on board.

They got her under control and made her sit next to them.  And she was fine for a while.  She wanted to use the bathroom twice, and they took her.


But then after a third trip to the bathroom, she jumped on one of the air marshal’s BACKS and started attacking him.  It sounds like she basically put him in a headlock.

The other air marshal pulled her off, and they handcuffed her for the rest of the flight.  She’s facing assault charges, and had to undergo a mental health evaluation.


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