A Drug Dealer Gets Busted After Trying to Buy a Soda with Weed

| January 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

News flash:  Drugs can have an adverse effect on your decision-making skills.  That said, this guy’s also just a moron . . .

A 24-year-old guy ordered a pizza from a Domino’s in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday, and tried to pay with a damaged $50 bill when he went to pick it up.

Someone had ripped it in half and taped it back together, and the cashier wouldn’t accept it.  So he paid with a 20 instead.

But then he remembered he wanted a soda to go with it.  And instead of paying with cash, he tried to buy the soda by trading it for some MARIJUANA.

The cashier refused and told her manager, who called the cops.  All forms of marijuana are still illegal in Nebraska, even medical marijuana.

Police ended up finding more pot in his backpack, along with a scale.  So he’s facing charges for intent to distribute.

The dumbest part is they also found another $87 on him.  So he wasn’t trading weed out of necessity.  He had plenty of cash to pay for the drink…….smh

Check out the full story [here].


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