A Guy Huffs Compressed Air in Front of a Cop, Tries to Speed Away

| June 5, 2018 | 0 Comments

This story plays out pretty much how you’d expect. The guy’s quick getaway plan never had a chance . . .
A 33-year-old idiot in Gainesville, Florida named David Yates was huffing compressed air in his car on Sunday, and passed out. When cops found him, he was slumped over the wheel with his engine running.
So they knocked on his window. And he briefly lifted his head up . . . took another hit of air duster . . . and passed out again. So then they started BANGING on his window.
At that point, he finally woke up and noticed the cop . . . but paused to take ANOTHER hit of compressed air anyway. Then he tried to drive off, but didn’t get very far.
He swerved off the road . . . struck another vehicle . . . drove through someone’s yard . . . crashed through a mailbox . . . hit a second car . . . and finally came to a stop.
Luckily no one was seriously hurt, and the cops got him in custody. He’s facing multiple charges for drugs, fleeing the cops, leaving the scene of an accident, and knowingly driving on a suspended license.

Check out his mugshot [here]

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