A Guy Is Found Guilty of Rubbing His Coworker’s Sandwich on His Body While He Pleasured Himself

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A guy in Pennsylvania was working at a department store a few years ago when he pleasured himself in the stock room . . . while he rubbed a coworker’s SANDWICH against his body. Then he put the sandwich back in the fridge. And he just got three to 12 months in prison for indecent assault.
FULL STORY: Here’s an important HR tip that might not be in your job handbook: Apparently you SHOULDN’T rub your coworkers’ lunches on your naked body while you pleasure yourself at work. Who knew?
There’s a 36-year-old guy named Anthony Maneval from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. And a few years ago, he was working at a Bon-Ton department store.
Well . . . one day, during his lunch break, he grabbed a female coworker’s sandwich out of the fridge, then headed back to the stock room. And he pleasured himself while he rubbed the sandwich against his body.

Then he put it back in the fridge!

Apparently he didn’t realize the security cameras in the stock room caught the ENTIRE THING.
And he was just sentenced to three to 12 months in prison for indecent assault.

Check out the full story [here].

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