A Guy Needs Advice About His Girlfriend’s Fetish For…..

| January 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

The world must be running out of weird stuff to try in bed, because how is THIS a thing?

Some guy went on Reddit last week looking for advice on what to do about his girlfriend’s weird fetish that involves feeding him PRE-CHEWED FOOD . . . like a bird.

In case that’s not clear, she likes to chew his food FOR him, then either spit it into his mouth or onto a plate.  And he’s NOT into it.

They’ve been together for about seven months, and she just moved in with him two months ago, BEFORE the bird feeding stuff started.  He says he’s turning to the Internet for advice, because he’s too embarrassed to ask his friends.

He thinks it started when she made him some weird scrambled eggs the day before Christmas.  He didn’t know then, but now he’s pretty sure they’d been pre-chewed.  So she might have done it at least once without telling him.

Then she did it with a strawberry while they were getting-it-on.  And ever since then, it’s been a regular thing.  But it’s not always sexual.  She wants to do it during meals too.

He’s told her he doesn’t like it.  But when he refuses, she starts CRYING and claims he doesn’t love her enough.  So yeah . . . pretty much everyone is telling him to RUN.

But he doesn’t want to just throw it away, because she’s perfect except for this one gross thing she wants him to do.  So his current plan is to talk to one of her exes, and see what they say.

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