A Lady Gets Away with Shoplifting by…..

| February 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

A woman was shopping at a Menards hardware store in Indianapolis last week, and a security guard spotted her shoplifting a video camera.
He called the cops, and then he went up to the woman to keep her in the store until they showed up.
He didn’t realize she had countermeasures ready.
According to the police report, she, quote, “reached behind her and dug into her pants and pulled out a handful of feces and threw it at [the guard], striking him in the chest.”

While he was dealing with the shock and horror of THAT, she ran out of the store.
The cops are reviewing the security footage and trying to track her down.

I can go ahead and tell you….that is definitely a sure fire way to get away from Big El.

Check out the full story [here]


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