A Woman Shot Her Boyfriend for Snoring Too Loudly

| March 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

This happened BEFORE Daylight Saving Time started, so this woman can’t use that as an excuse . . .
47-year-old Lorie Morin of Cocoa, Florida is facing attempted murder charges after she shot her boyfriend last Wednesday for SNORING too loudly.
His name is Brett Allgood, and they just started dating last month. They’d already been arguing about him snoring after she elbowed him in his sleep the night before.
So on Wednesday, he showed up to her place with a bottle of rum, flowers, some candy, and a box of Breathe Right snoring strips. So it sounds like he was trying to be nice. But once they got into the bottle of rum, things went south again.
He eventually got sick of arguing and said he was leaving. Then on his way out, he heard a bang . . . passed out . . . and when he came to, he was lying in a pool of blood.
It turned out Lorie shot in him the armpit with a SHOTGUN. Luckily he survived, and he’s in stable condition.
She claims it was an accident, and she didn’t mean to pull the trigger.

Check out the full story [here] and listen to her neighbors talk about the shooting.

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