An Amazon Delivery Woman did WHAT in Front of Someone’s House…..

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We know Amazon’s delivery people are overworked this time of year.  But take a BREAK if you need one.  We don’t need our packages THIS badly, do we?

A guy in Sacramento, California came home on Tuesday and thought a large dog had DEFECATED on the street in front of his house.  Then he checked his security footage . . . and it turned out an Amazon DELIVERY DRIVER did it.

And it was a FEMALE driver.  You can’t see much in the video because she’s behind the passenger’s side door of her van.  But she squats there for almost a minute, then jumps back in the van and takes off.

She was driving a U-Haul van.  So they probably hired her for the holidays, and she wasn’t one of their normal drivers.

Regardless, Amazon took responsibility.  They put out a statement that said using a customer’s property as a toilet in broad daylight does not, quote, “reflect the high standards [they] have for delivery service providers.”

Apparently she’s already been fired.  And they sent someone out to clean it up, but the guy says they didn’t do a great job.  They just put it in a plastic bag and left it next to his trashcan.  So he still had to deal with it.

They also sent him a gift card to make up for it, but it’s not clear how much it was for.


Check out the video here.

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