An Angry Taco Bell Customer Walks into the Kitchen and Makes His Own Food

| March 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

The beef at Taco Bell is really just 88% beef. It has a bunch of other ingredients too, including wood pulp. But there are still people out there who are passionate about it . . .
A guy in Spartanburg, South Carolina ordered a Mexican pizza at Taco Bell last Wednesday, and was angry after they didn’t put enough beef in it.
So he had them make another one, but he STILL wasn’t satisfied with the amount of meat. At that point, he became ENRAGED . . . started swearing at the employees . . . and told them HE’D show them how to do it.
Then he went behind the counter and started re-making his order HIMSELF.
He walked into the kitchen . . . made another Mexican pizza with more beef on it . . . then grabbed his food and left.
Someone called the cops, but he was gone by the time they got there. Once they track him down, he’ll be facing larceny and trespassing charges. Check out the full story [here].

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