An Arson Suspect Swears He Was Just Trying to Burn Some Cockroaches

| March 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

There have been a lot of cases of people accidentally burning down their homes when they tried to use FIRE to get rid of insects.
And apparently it’s SO common that it’s now an ALIBI.
A 55-year-old guy named Christopher Reidy from Huntsville, Alabama was arrested on Sunday for setting a bulletin board on fire in the lobby of his apartment building.
But he told the cops he wasn’t trying to set the place on fire . . . he was just trying to send some COCKROACHES to a fiery death.

His story doesn’t really add up, though . . . the fire investigators say all the signs point to an intentional fire, and some surveillance footage shows Christopher using a lighter to specifically set the bulletin board on fire.
But he’s sticking with the cockroach excuse . . . while he’s being held in jail on a felony arson charge.

Check out the rest of the story [here]


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