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  1. Hollywood has definitely spent a lot of time mourning in 2016! What’s up Valdosta its Blake Woodruff here with my latest Hollywood Take. People are begging for 2016 to end, some considering it a bad horror movie. Well, Hollywood is doing the same, after losing many of the greats and legends this year. This week alone, mother daughter duo Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher bizarrely died one day after each other. And how could we forget Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Florence Henderson, George Michael, Alan Thicke, and others. Hollywood doesn’t turn out “the greats” as they did back in the golden days, and not many are left. On a lighter note, A GoFund Me has even been started to protect Betty White, providing her with round the clock security just to get her thru 2016. I posted the link to if you are looking for a good pick me up! Here is to everyone we lost in 2016 and the memories we will have in 2017!


  1. In Hollywood its top news when a celebrity files for divorce, but what if no one knew you were married to begin with? What’s up Valdosta, it’s Blake Woodruff here with my latest Hollywood Take. Well Sia said, see ya this week to her husband Erik Lang, after only being married for 2 years, but, the thing is most people didn’t even know she was married, considering most people still don’t even know what her face looks like. Apparently the two are citing the normal irreconcilable differences, and are vowing to remain friends. My question is, who is getting all those black and blonde wigs?!?


  1. Hollywood loves a good romantic scandal and love affair, but we also don’t like to be led on just for the publicity. And it looks like that may be the case with this pair. What’s up Valdosta, its Blake Woodruff here with my latest Hollywood Take. So JLo and Drake, started waves of social media craziness this week when they posted pics of them cuddling on their social media. Here is where the problem lies, JLo and Drake are also releasing new music together, and this very well could be all a publicity stunt. My inside sources coming from her “All I Have” show in Vegas tell me that there is nothing going on and they are just friends. I will definitely be following and keeping up with this possible, but highly doubted romance.


  1. There was no Kardashian Christmas Card this year, which means of course they had to find a way to stir up some sort of press, and this year it landed on Rob and Blac Chyna. What’s Up Valdosta, it’s Blake Woodruff here with my latest Hollywood Take. Well Rob checked himself into the hospital, suffering from overeating due to his doomed relationship with Chyna. And of course, Kris and Chyna rushed to his side that night, but not first without putting on a pair of dark sunglasses and hoodies just to you know hide from the moonlight. It seems the overeating is causing his diabetes to flair up, and he lost control of maintaining it himself. No word on whether this incident may get them a Season 2 of their show, however the more Chyna surfaces the more likely shes getting something out of it.


  1. 2016 keeps giving people the jab, and radio man Ryan Seacrest is no exception. What’s up Valdosta, it’s Blake Woodruff here with my latest Hollywood Take! So Seacrest was expected to be on Good Morning America Friday morning to discuss the upcoming Times Square Ball Drop and musical celebration, however he almost ended up hosting exclusively on Instagram after getting stuck in an elevator. He kept all of his loyal followers in tune as he and others waited for firefighters to open the doors for them and it was quite funny. Ryan is used to the craziness of Live TV and what’s funny is everyone was more concerned with making the TV appearance in time instead of being stuck in the elevator. Check out the videos here
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