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Although we’ve been back in school for a few weeks now, some school are just now getting their start. Of course this a time some parents are nervous and maybe even a bit sad while others celebrate the freedom of the kids being back in school.
A few moms in Vancouver Island, Canada were doing just that, but in an unusual way. A cop in Vancouver Island, Canada pulled over a car that was speeding in a school zone on Tuesday morning. And when the ladies inside rolled down the window, he got hit with what was described as a STRONG marijuana smell…..uh oh.
So, they admitted they’d JUST dropped off their kids for the first day of school . . . and were all having a celebratory BLUNT together.
Now Canada is pretty relaxed about marijuana usage, but smoking and driving is still illegal……especially in a school zone….duh
Fortunately the cop took pity on the moms, and decided not to kill their vibe by arresting any of them. Check out this interview with the officer below.
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