So we stealing trains now???

| November 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

I guess this guy couldn’t find a friend to pick him up?
A 20-year-old guy named Julio Rodriguez was released from jail in Phoenix earlier this month. He wound up wandering to a Union Pacific railyard . . . and he decided to steal an ENTIRE TRAIN.
He hopped into the engineer’s seat in a locomotive and started pushing buttons and pulling levers.
Fortunately, he also honked the train horn, so the REAL engineers around the railyard noticed him and called the cops.
Apparently, Julio was only ONE pedal away from being able to drive off with the train.
He was arrested for burglary and theft of means of transportation.

Honestly….where was he going to go? Was he going to take the train to the chop shop? What is the end game here? SMH


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