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FROM: Peyton Childs

When I began college, I had a hard time coping with the new world around me. I began struggling with anxiety and border line depression. I began losing motivation to go to school or do anything else really. Some days It was hard to tell which way was up and which way was down. At the time I was working at Toys R Us and decided to look for a second job. So I applied at Ashley Cinemas. It was here that I met Megan. She and I hit it off immediately and became close friends. Within a few months that friendship became a relationship in which turned into a marriage. From the first night we had the “share all” moment I knew that I had finally found the one person that understood me. The one person who would never judge me and that would always have my back. My wife is the strongest person I know. We are currently expecting our first child, ( Rayleigh Grace Childs ), and she is due June 20, 2017. Megan works as a pharmacy tech and is constantly on her feet all day. Even with all of the stress of work, being on her feet, and battling headaches, she still manages to come home and put on a smile and laugh with me as if her body doesn’t hurt at all. She is always willing to help me reach my goals, no matter how tired she is. She’s the best team mate I could’ve ever asked for and I can’t wait to see her with Rayleigh because I KNOW that she is going to be the best mommy in the world!





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  1. Melonie Payne says:

    Megan Child’s deserves to win this. Her and her husband are sweet and caring people. This is their first baby and it would be such a special gift for them.

  2. Tiffany Little says:

    Megan Childs deserves this! You couldn’t meet a better person.

  3. Anthony says:

    If we could vote twice naturally my wife first but 2nd vote any military wife who’s husband is over seas

  4. Susie Harris says:

    Because it would make her HAPPY :} ! A little extra happiness is good for every new mother-to-be, like Megan….and for all the “old hands” who are expecting their new arrivals, too. I can’t nominate them all, so I choose Megan, and I hope you will select her for this special treat!

  5. Michael Cartrett says:

    I nominate Selena Woods!

  6. Ron Von Hopper says:

    Selina Woods. I nominate her. She’s special and her hubby is special.

  7. Slipper Mixon says:

    I nominate Selina Woods. She rad, she bad, she’s everything a wife and a mother should be.

  8. Danny Holdsclaw says:

    Selina Woods!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pepper Eugene says:

    Selina! Selina! Selina! Wooooooooods! Mom2Be!!!!!

  10. Sally Ramcoats says:

    I nominate my coworker Selina Woods!

  11. Lisa says:

    Megan is an awesome person. She’s the person you can call when you need her. She’ll always answer. She can put a smile on anyone’s face! She absolutely loves her husband and child more than anything. They have a love story that put a happy tear in my eye! She’s going to make a great mom and Peyton is going to make the best goofy dad complete with ALL of the dad jokes!. 🙂

  12. Chasity Hansel says:

    Vote for Megan Childs! I have watched this little girl grow from a baby and now to a young mother herself and I have to say she is honestly the best daughter a mother can ask for! I have seen the many struggles she has conquered in her lifetime and it blows my mind that yes…that is MY daughter! If there was anything I ever did eight in my life..Megan that is you! I’m so proud of you..and you are gonna be a great mommy!!!

  13. William hansell says:

    Megan is my granddaughter and a sweet young lady.

  14. Kevin Taylor says:

    Selina Woods

  15. Romona lund says:

    Mandy Mann beautiful kind loving mom to be

  16. Liam Brookings says:

    Selina Woods!!!!!!!

  17. Marty Mcfly says:

    Selina Woods!!!

  18. Jay says:

    A true blessing for my wife, Selina, to be nominated. She is the love of my life and my best friend. Good luck to all mothers to be nominated and congratulations to you on the baby!!!

  19. Kacie Beckworrh says:

    I am voting for Caitlin Nelson!! She is my soul sister and I love her more than anything! And her little baby boy growing inside of her!!! Pleaas please vote for her! They truly deserve this!!

  20. Blanca futch says:

    Hope you win Megan Childs. Your such a great person and you’ll be such a great mommy! Can’t wait to see little one!

  21. Autumn Culpepper says:

    Megan I hope you win 🙂

  22. Megan Fan says:

    I vote megan childs to win she has got the Biggest heart and i have known her since 4th grade!i know that she will make such a great mommy!!! Such a sweet love story Blessings to this sweet baby girl!! I hope you win megan!!!☺

  23. Chase Horne says:

    Megan and Peyton are great people and are hardworking!

  24. Lanai Dameron says:

    My vote is for Mandy Mann. I know the loss of a child. And though I don’t know the gift of a rainbow baby, I wish you all the love, beauty and joy a life can be filled with. I know winning this contest will not appease any grief you’ve ever felt but I know it will bring joy. So I hope you win and I hope that joy fills your cup to over flowing.

  25. Renee Petty says:

    Love you Megan! Eternally

  26. Michelle Turnrr says:

    I believe Mandy Mann is perfect for this! I can’t imagine the loss of a child, but Mandy pressed on to be the best mom she could for her other children once Jordan passed. I’m in awe of her and would love to see her blessed!

  27. Allisha barnwell says:

    Saw these two the other day and I am still in love with there story ! Peyton it’s not a “man” thing to put out the emotional journey from begging of how you met to marriage to first baby but you two are a true fairytale ! I remand your wedding were someone far away at grassy said are y’all done yet at your wedding as u said your had written vows and you yelled shut up we’re having a wedding here lol I just love the story of both you and Megan and now a beautiful baby ! I don’t know anyone more deserving of this I love you 3 Allisha

  28. Glenda Sirmans says:

    Your going to make an awesome mommy! Congrats to you I hope you win! Love you!

  29. Loria says:

    Good luck Mandy Mann!!:*

  30. Amanda says:

    Megan and Peyton are great people and I love they story

  31. Joyce Perry says:

    Megan is great. I think she deserves to win. Aunt Joyce

  32. Joyce Perry says:

    Great person. Hope she wins.

  33. Kari Keene says:

    I can’t think of a more deserving person than Selina Woods. She is such a sweet, sweet person and I know how grateful and humbled she would be if she won this contest. Please vote for Selina Woods!!! xx

  34. Ashley Graham says:

    Selina Wood & her husband are awesome people & I couldn’t think of any one who deserves this more than them. Selina has been through alot, but never let’s it hold her back or slow her down. Her husband is a great guy & helps the community everyday. Congrats to all the mommies & daddies to be, and a big congrats to the Wood & Taylor family, yall will be in my thoughts & prayers.

  35. Ashley Graham says:

    Woods* sorry auto correct

  36. I truly hope Megan Childs wins She is the most unselfish and kind person you will ever fine. She works and has been attending school while all the time
    taking care of her husband and their home and does so with a smile. Megan tries very hard to be sure that their baby has everything her doctor. recommemds careful to eat healthy. exerxises and medical test as needed. They are so in love and their baby exemplies LOVE IN BLOOM

  37. Kayla says:

    Lakeya Townsend should win. She has been through a lot! With Health, divorce, and depression. I really hope my Tee Tee wins!!!

  38. Catherine Hall says:

    Megan and Peyton Childs absolutely deserve to win. They are a beautiful couple, loyal friends, and overall wonderful people. They share a lasting and special bond and have been through a lot together. It would be such a special gift for them to win. This is their first baby, and i know they will make lovely parents. Well deserved.

  39. Hope says:

    Good luck Lakeya!!!

  40. A. Nelson says:

    Vote LaKeya Townsend!

  41. I’m voting for, LaKeya Townsend (Baby Girl) is a of the most beautiful woman I know inside and outside. She’s the same every time I see her. She’s a wonderful mother and wife that loves her family. She loves people. If she can’t help you she will never hurt you. My Baby Girl deserves to win your contest.

  42. C warren says:

    Best wishes, Lekeya Townsend

  43. Monica Tillman Wilson says:

    She’s an extraordinary young lady. I’m casting my vote for LaKeya

  44. NeKesha Poulian says:

    LaKeya has my vote! She is a very sweet and loving young mother. I been knowing her for years she has always been the same sweet & loving person!She is from Awesome family. LaKeya is well deserving on this honor

  45. Ashleigh Childs says:

    Megan is my sister-in-law, and such a blessing to our family. I have been able to see the changes that have occurred in my brother as he’s grown throughout their time dating, and even more so since they have been married. They both work so hard, and now God has blessed them with Rayleigh Grace, who is going to be one lucky baby to be born to two such wonderful parents. In the end, all we want for them is to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, but this gift would certainly make it just a little sweeter! Vote for Megan Childs!

  46. Hope Weisbrod says:

    Can’t go wrong with Megan Childs!

  47. Susan Childs says:

    Megan was introduced to us by our son Peyton and he was in love. She smiles with that sweet smile and laugh. She is strong and giving. She gives of herself to her family and friends. She loves the Lord and is a great wife to Peyton. She is hard working and is going to college but yet she is never to busy to check on her family by calling each week. I am honored to call her my daughter.
    I can’t wait to see her as a mother. God will bless her and Peyton with a beautiful baby girl.

  48. Shunda Brown says:

    LaKeya is a great mom…wife…sister…daughter….friend…aunt….cousin. She’s very talented and has a ♡ of gold. She sooooo deserves to win.

  49. Marvin Reed says:

    Lakeya deserves the win!!

  50. Jennifer Williams says:

    Wonderful mother and wife…. she deserves the world!

  51. Jennifer Williams says:

    Wonderful mother and wife…. she deserves the world! She loves her family…

  52. Michael Townsend says:

    My vote is for Lakeya Townsend great mom, and has the biggest heart. Love my niece!

  53. LaKeya my vote is in! There’s nobody better than you! Love your sweet, beautiful and genuine spirit! You truly deserves to win.

  54. Janice Cogan says:

    Megan Childs deserves to win!

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