This Valentine’s Day, Some Zoos Are Letting You Name a Cockroach After Your Ex

| January 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you’re going to be single this Valentine’s Day, instead of going out and trying to find someone new to date . . . why not sit at home getting some passive-aggressive, cathartic revenge against your ex?

The Bronx Zoo in New York and a zoo in London called the Hemsley Conservation Center are both offering a Valentine’s Day special:  For a few bucks, you can name one of their COCKROACHES after your ex.  And you can print out a certificate to make it official.  (It’ll run you $15 in New York, or about $2 in London.)

If you want, you can also name a cockroach after a friend or your current significant other, but that’s less entertaining.

Check out the full story [here].

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