Three Women Stole a Baby Stroller . . . But Accidentally Left a Child Behind in the Store

| August 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

It’s NOT a good sign when you’re more concerned with baby products than your actual baby. A group of three women and their three children went into a baby store in Middletown, New Jersey last week.  And two of the women distracted the employee while the other woman stole a stroller.  Then they all left the store.

But they had to come back . . . when they realized they’d left ONE OF THE KIDS behind.

23-year-old Maryann Cash and 20-year-old Nan McCarthy were arrested for shoplifting and conspiracy.  The other woman is still at large. The cops say the women are both from England.  And the stroller they stole was from a British company . . . so it would’ve been pretty cheap to buy once they got back home to England.

(ABC 7 – New York / CBS 2 – New York)

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