A Guy Claiming to Be Jesus Called 911 to Say He’d Returned to Earth!

| March 29, 2018 | 0 Comments

This guy’s obviously got some mental health issues, so we don’t want to rip on him too much.  But he placed one of the best 911 calls we’ve heard this year.

46-year-old Richard Quintero called 911 in High Point, North Carolina last Thursday.  (About 75 miles northeast of Charlotte.)

And he just wanted to let them know that he was JESUS . . . that he’d finally returned to Earth . . . and that he’d broken into a PIZZA HUT to eat pizza and drink Mountain Dew.

The 911 operator tried to ask for his real name.  But he just reiterated that his first name was Jesus, last name Christ.

When the operator asked where he lived, he said he was from Heaven.  But later in the call, he revealed he was actually from Indiana.

He was cooperative when the cops showed up . . . and he’s been charged for breaking and entering, and larceny.

Check out he full story [HERE]

And here’s the call…….


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