An Escort Shows Up at the Wrong House and…..

| February 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

See, this is why I would only hire a detail-oriented prostitute.
Someone in Cape Coral, Florida found an escort on the website earlier this week and had her come over at 2:30 A.M.
She’s a 26-year-old named Linda Elkins. And she brought along a 26-year-old guy named Bosha Dawes, who she called her, quote, “protection.”
But Linda and Bosha accidentally went to the wrong house and started banging on the door. The woman inside was terrified and called the cops. When they got there, Linda and Bosha pretended like they didn’t know each other, but the cops noticed Linda had see-through pink lingerie on under her coat, and they put the pieces together.
She was arrested for loitering, using a false name, marijuana possession . . . and for an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license. Bosha was just arrested for loitering.
As far as we know, whoever hired them was NOT arrested.

Check out the mugshots and the full story [here].


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