Anti-Gambling Crusader Wins $25,000?!?!

| January 5, 2018 | 0 Comments

Apparently karma ALSO decided to take a vacation last month.

There’s a woman in Villa Park, Illinois named Kathy Gilroy.  She’s an anti-gambling crusader who’s fought for DECADES against casinos, lotteries, and even things like bingo and church raffles.

But, it turns out, Kathy LOVES gambling herself.  Yes, just like the politicians who’ve proposed homophobic legislation and then gotten caught doin’ it with another dude in an airport bathroom, Kathy secretly gambles a TON.

We know that because she was at a video poker café a few weeks ago that held a drawing to give one of their loyal customers $25,000.  And she WON.

And it turns out that’s not the only time Kathy’s won big from gambling.  She’s also won raffles and sweepstakes that have landed her thousands of dollars worth of electronics and vacations.

So how is someone THIS hypocritical handling her big win?  By pretending she’s considering giving the money to the church before pocketing it, of course.

Kathy says after she won, quote, “I called a pastor friend and said, ‘Should I send it back?  Do I donate it?’  And he said, ‘Don’t feel guilty.  You just got paid for all your volunteer work against gambling.’  It’s God showing his grace on me.”

Yep. God is showing His grace on her alright. Smh….. [READ MORE]

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