The Hot 102.7 Birthday Show

| November 22, 2017 | 70 Comments

Hot 102.7 - Birthday Show

Go Shawty…’s ya Birthday!!! What’s happening guys? Don’t forget to tune in each weekday morning to Big El in the A.M. for the BIRTHDAY SHOW!!! Each weekday morning, Big El will announce that day’s birthdays and draw for a birthday prize pack winner courtesy of our Birthday Show sponsors.  To enter, simply call or text our request line on the day of the person’s birthday between 6am and 7:45am at (229) 671-1027, and tell Big El the person’s Name, Age, and City they live in.  That’s it!  (On Friday mornings, Big El will announce birthday’s for both Friday and that weekend)

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70 Comments on "The Hot 102.7 Birthday Show"

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  1. kaylee gay says:

    march 8 , 2013 will you announce Savannah Taylor birthday .

  2. Amy says:

    Please announce a birthday for me on Monday April 29.
    Ginsey Grace Lawlor is 7 years old!
    Thsnk you!

  3. Kam says:

    Hey, Pretty please announce my sisters birthday for me on Thursday June 13.
    Kalie Bear Hulongbayan is 16 years old!!
    Thank you so much!

    • Hot 102.7 says:

      We gotcha, but if you’re betting on whether or not Jay Mathews can say that last name correctly… bet AGAINST IT!!! LOL

      • sidney moody says:

        will you please announce Molly Moody tommorow on the birthday show its mollys 10th birthday and she lives in lake park georgia!

  4. Could you PLEASE announce my baby girl, 'Lessa-Brooke's birthday? She couldn't/didn't get to celebrate her b-day last year (Papa passed), AND, my husband, Bryan Johnson, her Daddy Bryan (only '42'), just passed. Could you make her feel a little SPECIAL wi says:

    Could you PLEASE announce my baby girl, ‘Alessa-Brooke’s 10th birthday, which is TODAY? She couldn’t/didn’t get to celebrate her b-day last year,(her Papa passed), AND, my husband, Bryan Johnson, (her Daddy Bryan), (only ’42’), JUST passed!!! Could you make her feel a little SPECIAL with this announcementl. It might be ALL she gets!!! Thanks; God Bless! D. Johnson

  5. ashleycooper says:

    I won today!!!!! I dont know about you but im feeling 22….sorry im excited lol …

  6. Amy Lawlor says:

    Please announce my son’s birthday August 28th! Jared Lawlor is 12 today!

  7. Kay West says:

    My kids love to hear your show on the way to school in the morning. Can you please announce my daughters birthday Flora Mae West September 27th she will be 7 and is from Madison, Fl. Thanks looking forward to seeing her face in the morning.

  8. Amy Francis says:

    Could you please announce my twins birthday “20” tomorrow October 8
    Alejandra Francis
    Aurelio Francis “AJ”

  9. Lisa Shook says:

    Please announce my hubby’s birthday for me today.

    Fred Shook
    57 yrs old

  10. Rebecca young says:

    Who won the birthday show today?

  11. Maria Gachuz says:

    Could you please announce my sister’s birthday it’s today.
    Edith Gachuz
    20 years old
    Norman Park

  12. Amber Griffis says:

    Who won today?

  13. Dave Rose says:

    Please wish Bayleigh Rose a Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Wish from Mom & Dad !!! She lives in Thomasville GA – 1-16-14

  14. laura del valle says:

    Will you please wish my son christian delvalle a happy birthday on february 5. He will be turning 5 and he’s from valdosta ga.
    We listen to yall every morning on our way to school 🙂 thank you

  15. Haley says:

    Can you announce my sisters eighth birthday
    Today @ 3:45
    Make sure to tell her that I love her!

  16. kim spooner says:

    Please announce Taylor Courson has a birthday today. She turned 10 years old. Thank you.

  17. Jill Hatton says:

    Please announce Dowry Hattons birthday. She is 12 today and goes to Hahira middle school


  18. sidney moody says:

    will you please announce my daughters birthday on the birthday show tomorrow!

    Molly Moody 10, lives in Lake Park, Georgia

  19. sidney moody says:

    Will you please announce my daughters birthday on the birthday show tomorrow!

    Molly Moody 10 Lake Park, Georgia

  20. Susan Moody says:

    My baby girl is a “double digit midget”…. Molly Moody will be turning 10 on sun May 4. She lives in Lake Park and attends LPE! Please announce as she listens to your show everyday on the way to school!! Thanks!

  21. Tonya Bunting says:

    Douglas presley turning 22
    from Valdosta

  22. Dallas walker says:

    Kenneth Rogers and John Rogers
    May 15th turning 16 from madison county Florida

  23. Brenda Bradford says:

    my daughter’s birthday is july 21. her name is Meagan Bradford and she lives in pavo. she will be 17. can you please announce her on the birthday show tomorrow?

  24. Hey Jay, Will you please announce my daughter, Laney Tomberlin’s 17th birthday today on the morning show! She’s sassy and 17 and a bootay-queennnn! 9/19/97 She was a preemie that we thought wasn’t even goin to make it,and now she’s a XC and Track runner and former cheerleader that does life like a BOSSSS!! Happy Birthday to my beauuuuutiful LANEY SUNSHINE!!:)

  25. Forgot to tell you, Laney Tomberlin is from VALDOSTA, Georgia Lowndes High School Viking!! Her Birthday is on Homecoming Game day!:)

  26. Danielle Deloach says:

    Please announce my husband, Walt Deloach’s, 40th Birthday today 11/21/14, thank you.

  27. jodi phillips says:

    I won the birthday show this morning and tried calling too see what i won but i didnt get an answer lol

  28. Rebecca kennedy says:

    Can you please announce my son Mikell (Michael) Kennedy 10th birthday on 1/5/15 please from valdosta please!!

  29. Plans and Scheduling office at Moody AFB says:

    Happy Birthday to Sarah Howard and Albert Turner

  30. Rhonda Richardson says:

    March 16 1955

  31. Summer hughes says:

    Hannah Hendrix is turning 15

  32. Victoria Amon says:

    My daughter Virginia May Manning is turning 9 tomorrow the 13th. Can you please say her name on the birthday show. She will be listening on the way to school tomorrow. Thanks you so very much!!!

  33. Erika Kessler says:

    My birthday is January 9 I turn 28 🙂 Can i get a shout out. Im from Detroit

  34. Dylan ONeal says:

    Dylan ONeal from Valdosta is 11 on Feb 3 2016.

  35. Josh Merritt from sparks,ga bday today 28 yrs old

  36. Meagan Bradford says:

    Hi, is it too cheesy to request my own birthday for the birthday show? XD July 21 please. I’ll be 19

  37. DONNIE SIRMANS says:


  38. Alex says:

    Can u announce my birthday
    12 valdosta

  39. Cherell says:

    I would like to wish Phylicia Hurd a very Happy Birthday in Valdosta, GA. Thank you

  40. Hanna McDaniel says:

    Can you announce Trent Gaskins birthday tomorrow 01/17/17 for the birthday show? Hes from Valdosta ga

  41. Lena Blades says:

    Can you announce my daughters bday today?
    Maddy Blades. 14 from Valdosta. Thank you.

  42. Karley Jenkins says:

    Can you announce my moms birthday her name is Kimberly Jenkins and she will be 36 today 2/17/27

  43. angela straukas says:

    Can you please add my daughter to the Birthday Show list for today. Her name is Lillian Weissbord ( said like wise board). She will be 11 today!

  44. Christina Smith says:

    Christina Smith 35 from lake park

  45. John Anderson says:

    Its my birthday and I want to win.John Anderson,53 y.o.,ray city.thank you.

  46. Sarah LHeureux says:

    Who won the birthday show today?

  47. Melody burklow says:

    Where do you get your prize from the birthday show

  48. Nelly says:

    Hey could you please wish a happy birthday to Alice she is turning 3 on March 10..shes my little princess live her so much

  49. Nelly says:

    I meamt to say i love her so much shesmy world!!thanxs guys

  50. Christabel Ukomadu says:

    Could you show me a little kindness by announcing my mom’s birthday. Henrietta is turning 43 on April 25th and I was born on Feb 25th. I’ll celebrate her when I grow up. What a coincidence.

    • Big El says:

      That is awesome and sure, We can do that, but the best and surest way to get on the Birthday show for that day is to hit us up on our Facebook page and comment on the Birthday show post for that day. Or you can call or text our request line at (229) 671-1027

  51. Delia says:

    Happy bday to Jake Connor! Turning 17 today!

  52. Alyssa Cobb says:

    Its my sisters birthday shes turning 20 years old can you announce her birthday on Friday the 1/10/19 and 1/11/19

    • Nichole frazierannounce says:

      Nathaniel Lee Ford turns one today. ❤️❤️❤️ Please announce my first born a very happy first birthday.

  53. Brianna Bell says:


  54. Joshua Weldon says:


  55. Happy birthday
    Tracey Backensto turns 36 today
    Live in Gainesville
    Love mom and dad and brother nate

    Thank you big L

  56. Happy birthday
    Tracey Backensto 36
    Love mom and dad and brother nate

    Thank big EL

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