Here’s Why You Don’t Do Drugs kids…..

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Here’s why you don’t do drugs, kids. Especially not mind-bending drugs while you’re at SCHOOL . . .

A 15-year-old kid near Cincinnati dropped ACID Wednesday morning, and started GROPING several female staff members at his school.

First he grabbed his teacher’s boob, then ran out of the building. So a school cop brought him back in.
Next, he got handsy with the school secretary. Then while the cop was trying to cuff him, he lunged at his principal, and grabbed HER breast. He also said a few R-rated things we won’t repeat.
Police took him to a hospital, where he yelled “I’m an AVENGER” and tried to CHOKE a nurse with a stethoscope.
He admitted he took LSD . . . and claimed he got it from his dog.

He’s facing charges for assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and gross sexual imposition. (Which basically means groping.
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