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I’m really in love with this song right now. It is a perfect example of my childhood and also it has a great message. Khalid is doing his thing and I hope he goes far in his career. Enjoy.

Sam Smith is back at it again. Making us all cry and stuff. Nah seriously, this guy is good at what he does. Look forward to the new album.

Maaaannn Calvin Harris is on FIRE right now. Seriously. Every single he has put out off this new album FUNK WAV BOUNCES VOL. 1 has been great! This particular one is my favorite so far. The beat changes during Big Sean’s verse are perfection. Gotta check the rest of the album out!

Post Malone is really changing the game a bit. His ability to make cross genre songs is really pushing him to the top. He was already well known in certain aspects of the game and now he’s becoming a household name. I like it (excuse the language)

and just because…..