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A guy named James Aubin was arrested for robbing a bank in Dover, New Hampshire last Thursday. But the REAL story is a 30-year-old named Eric Lombari, who saw the cops and assumed they were after HIM.
He was out on bail because of a previous drug arrest. And when he saw police start pouring into the parking lot, he assumed they were there looking for him.
It’s not clear if he’d even done anything wrong. But he decided to hide in a nearby grocery store. Which was unlucky, because the cops ALSO went in to see if the store’s security cameras got the bank robber on video.
So at that point, Eric got into a back room, and decided to climb up into the CEILING to hide.

Then he fell THROUGH the ceiling, and was dangling from it right above the deli.
The cops could see his legs hanging out but couldn’t get to him. So he kept crawling around until the same thing happened again above the refrigerated meats section.
They eventually had to get up into the ceiling and talk him down. He’s facing charges for criminal mischief, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

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