The Craziest Philly Fan Celebrated the Eagles Win By Eating Horse Poo

| February 6, 2018 | 0 Comments

Philadelphia fans literally went NUTS after the Eagles won the Super Bowl . . . and in this case, ‘literally’ is NOT an exaggeration . . . because one guy celebrated the championship by EATING HORSE POO.

He just got right down on his hands and knees in front of a pile of feces and TOOK A BITE. And of course, a crowd of his fellow Philadelphians gathered around, egging him on and filming him.
And just a reminder, this is happening in the context of celebrating a Super Bowl win!

Of course, there were plenty of Philadelphians who DIDN’T eat poop . . . but who DID celebrate the Super Bowl by TRASHING their own city.

There were the notorious light pole climbers, whose efforts resulted in toppling the poles . . . one guy almost died while riding a traffic light above a street . . . there were overturned cars . . . someone was running around naked in an eagle mask . . . acrobatics on top of hotel awnings . . . crazy trust falls from light poles . . .

There were city trees being uprooted and stolen . . . dancing on top of cars . . . setting fires . . . at least one gas station was looted . . . the windows at Macy’s were smashed . . . people jumping onto subway tracks . . . people scaled the gates at City Hall . . . people flung money into the crowd to ‘make it rain’ . . .

People jumped on the back of ambulances . . . ‘surfed’ on the top of cars . . . some climbed up on dump trucks and city busses . . . and miraculously, the city says that NO ONE died, although Philly was left looking like a war zone.

On the less destructive side, there was a brass band that was playing from a fifth story window, and some guy proposed to a woman holding a 40 of Olde English. It was mayhem.

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