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Who wants some free MONEY?!?! We heard you and now is your chance with Fast Cash Fridays! Every other Friday Big EL will be giving you a chance to win $50! No judgement either. You can spend it on whatever you want! We don’t care, but you have to play our game. Text the keyword “Cash” to the Piggly Wiggly Hot Text Line (229) 671-1027 then on Friday morning make sure that ringer is on blast because EL will be calling someone to play his game! Oh and the game…..Big EL will give a lucky listener 1 minute to answer 7 questions. If you get at least 5 right you win the money. If he calls you and you don’t answer, we’ll me moving on to the next number, but your number will still be eligible to win. So be ready to win! It’s Fast Cash Fridays on Hot 1027.

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